One sheet

Rather than sacrifice a forest of trees for an epic tome about my life I would utilize a Hollywood script treatment to tell my tale.

Title: He Gave it a Good Shot

Logline: A man of dubious origin manages to not become a total train wreck.

Jesse never became a doctor


Jesse –

Able to tell some jokes, mostly functional adult who likes food. Somewhat tolerated by a few people. Doesn’t age well.

Most remarkable is that he never became a doctor nor did he ever portray a doctor in anything other than a picture taken at a medical convention.

Plot Summary:

Born in Minnesota, then some stuff happened. Finally got married and had kids everything got better. At some point their should be a slide show of all Jesse’s pets underscored by Bach’s Come Sweet Death.

Last line:

Jesse – “Hold my coffee, kids, I’ll show that Rockford Bear who’s boss.”


Thank you for reading and see you at the movies.

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