Nobody Move!

There were many jobs I thought were my dream job as a kid but one remained constant.

My Dad, a bad ass cop

I wanted to be a police officer, just like my Dad.

It’s a little on the nose, I know, the kid wanting to do what his dad does but, it was the fashion of the time and I was on board.

Me as a happy cop in 5th grade

My Dad definitely had that “A cop on the edge” vibe. I would have been a more happy-go-lucky cop. I look so cheerful while arresting my friend.

I remember the moment I changed my mind from wanting to be a police officer to wanting to portray a police officer. I was in 8th grade in Bayfield, Colorado and I was taking a theater class. I was cast in the role of the police officer for the play were were performing at the end of the semester. I cannot remember the name of the play.

For my entrance, I had the line, “Nobody Move!” So, as per the fashion of the time, I flung the set door open, executed a shoulder roll to behind a sofa on stage and popped up with the line. It got a laugh and I changed from wanting to be a cop.

Thank you for reading.

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