Connie Kuntz, Playwright.

I met Connie when I auditioned for her play, The Rub, at Bedlam Theater in Minneapolis. I received a monologue in my email for the audition and I was instantly hooked.

The character of Robert was so tortured, delusional and real. The play itself was filled with supernatural elements, including a chorus of cockroaches that morphed into different characters in Robert’s life and/or mind. He was both literally and figuratively in jail for his crimes. Still, he had hope. Hope that someone, anyone, would visit him before his execution.

It was the best and most unique play I had read in a long time.

Her writing has always been and continues to be original, creative and human.

She champions the underdogs and the anti-heroes.

And she’s funny. The comedy is so well developed that when the comedic moment occurs it is anticipated and surprising; simultaneously bringing the watcher a deep level of appreciation for the precise craftsmanship of the playwright, along with a deep laugh.

She is my favorite author.

Thank you for reading

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