I stand with Bear

We had a book called “Bear Loves Food.”

In the book, Bear delineates all the food he loves.

I love all the food that bear loves. We are basically twinsies.

As far as my favorite meals to prepare. I enjoy making chili mac, black bean salad, potato soup, and spicy chickpea soup (referred to as “Dad’s Soup” in our house.). All three are well received.

Here’s the recipe for “Dad’s Soup.”


3 x 16oz cans chickpeas

8 cups veggie broth

1/3 cup Frank’s RedHot Sauce

1 x 28oz. Can diced tomatoes with chilis

1 cup fresh kale, chopped

black pepper to taste

-Warm all soup ingredients in a pot until chickpeas are tender

-Serve over rice.

Thank you for reading,

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