Some Baby, Some Guy

I cannot go back in my family tree and tell you the names of my long passed family members. I can tell you that my father’s family came over from Germany after World War I. They settled in Wisconsin and changed the family name from Künzt to Kuntz. They did not opt for the cool double o’s like Dean Koontz.

Dean Koontz

Nope, I’m not related to Dean Koontz.

Several years ago, my Uncle Butch gave me a bunch of pictures on a hard drive that he had restored from a family album. He labeled the pictures with obscure names that did not really help me understand my family tree. There was a picture of “Uncle Morris,” whom no one ever mentioned or spoke of.

Uncle Morris?

My favorite was this picture, labeled, some baby, some guy.


The baby may be my Grandmother, Louise Kuntz. She served as nurse in the 4th Air Force based in California during World War II. They were responsible for supporting the troops in Japan.

She met my Grandfather while serving. He was in the Coast Guard fighting in Japan and was shot. He ended up under my Grandmother’s care.

They were married for over forty years and they had five kids, including my father, who called her “Shorty.”

My Uncle Butch is not in this picture.

I called her Grandma Kuntz and she would make me tomato soup. She was very kind and funny.

Thank you for reading.

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